We will ride our bikes from Athens, Greece to Tokyo, Japan.

We love to bike. We have collectively bike-packed through 19 countries. Now however, we are facing the biggest challenge yet.

We want to experience local traditions, food and cultures by cycling across the Asian continent. In doing this, we also aim to discover more about ourselves.

This breathtaking
& demanding journey
will take us –approx. 180 days,
16.000 km,
across 13 countries.

To go from Greece to Japan means navigating roads in 13 countries, including Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, Russia, Mongolia, China & Turkmenistan which are currently under the rule of authoritative governments.

This is a journey from Europe to Asia. The culture changes will be shocking. On the top of that we will be burning on average 5000 calories every day.

Any tips where we should visit?
Let us know!

There will be many challenges. Crossing Turkmenistan will be one of them. After obtaining Turkmenistan transport visa, we will have limited time to get across the whole country. One small accident or a sandstorm could cost large troubles with immigration officers.

We don’t know what to expect, but we’ve come prepared. For the last 6 months we’ve been working hard to achieve our dream.

We are using our savings to finance this journey. Freedom that comes with bikepacking is our driving force.

Štěvo *1992 - thieves love him so much. Also, likes to write stuff. Will be the navigator of the convoy.

Jakub *1992 - professional pacemaker, truly skilled serviceman and the only true foreigner in our group.

Mišo *1992 - plant eater & a passionate photographer. For some weird reason he is also a team nutritionist.

Join our fans who already follow us on our epic journey. We like to share something every day.

We love discovering stories from the local places we visit. Each country hase their own particular traditions and interesting niche sport activites.

We want to discover these and share them with you.

We’re looking for partnerships with brands that can support our ambitious project. Contact us.